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The Police Officer Mortgage Program currently provides a low fixed rate 30 year mortgage, and down payment assistance to local or state police officers who are looking to purchase single or multi family homes.  The Police Officer Mortgage Program is designed to support our country's finest with a below market 30 year fixe rate mortgage and down payment assistance. The down payment assistance program will not only help the eligible police offers get into a home with no down paytment, but will also allow for help with payment of closing costs. The police officer mortgage is the perfect loan to support the goal of homeownership. 

Eligibility For the Police Mortgage Program

The Police Officer mortgage program currently provides a low interest rate mortgage loan to local or state police officers who purchase homes in eligible municipalities. Eligible municipalities must agree to participate, then designate areas of the municipality where an increased police presence would be desirable. State or local police officers who purchase homes in those designated areas are eligible to apply for the low interest rate Police Homeownership Mortgage Program, and officers may also use the down payment assistance loan to help with closing costs .

The Police homeownership mortgage loan is designed for state police officers purchasing a home in any participating city, or a local police officer buying a home in the community he/she serves which is in a participating city. The police officer must be a first-time homebuyer. However, if the home being purchased is in a targeted area the police officer does not need to be a first time homebuyer.

Eligible Properties:

The Police Mortgage Program allows financing of existing and newly constructed single family homes, existing two- and three family homes, eligible condominiums, and newly constructed two-family homes in targeted areas.

If you are a local or state police officer, and would like to learn more about this police officer mortgage program call us today at (800) 922-3210, or fill out our Free online pre-qualification form.

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